Packing & Unpacking


Geldart’s Moving and Storage provides both packing and unpacking services to the Moncton area, throughout the East Coast and Canada. Our qualified, trained, and professional packers handle your belongings with care and expertise. We also ensure the best safeguard against breakage, for your peace of mind.


Some of the packing supplies that our professional packing staff uses are:

  • Moving specific cartons
  • Recyclable paper
  • Quilted moving pads
  • Bubble/Plastic wrap
  • Micro-foam
  • Custom wood crating

Even though packing is an added cost, it is worth the peace of mind that your items will be carefully and meticulously packed by professionals. Take a look at the proof!


Here is a list of tips that can help instruct you on some of the proper packing techniques that our trained and seasoned staff members use when packing and storing your belongings:

  • No carton should be so large that it will obstruct the view of the mover when it is being carried. A carton should also not weigh over 23kg (50 lb) when packed.
  • Do not over-fill or under-fill cartons. Over or under filling cartons increases the risk of damage to the items that are packed in the cartons. The tops must close flat and be sealed with tape.
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. This way your items will not get squished. Also, ensure that you pack articles snugly so they will not shift during the move.
  • Make sure that you cushion every carton with clean, crushed paper. Insert this paper on the bottom, between layers, at the top, and in any empty spaces between articles in the box. This way the items won’t move around while the cartons are being moved.
  • Pack small articles in small boxes and nest these small boxes into a large box. This ensures that the small boxes will be encased and cushioned by the larger boxes, providing superior protection.
  • Make sure to wrap china and other fragile articles in clean paper. When you are wrapping items in paper, ensure that all items are wrapped separately to protect fine surfaces and protrusions from damage.