Office Moving


At Geldart’s Moving and Storage we offer industry leading office moving options in the Moncton area. We have the resources and know-how to move corporate offices, hospitals, labs, libraries, commercial buildings, and more.


Office moving is a delicate procedure. There are a lot of bulky items, furniture, electronics and more to transport. At Geldart’s we follow a set up steps to ensure a seamless office move, every time.


The planning step of office moving involves an office moving consultant. An office moving consultant is a specially trained individual whose expertise lies in planning, preparing and executing office moves. This individual will come in to your office to:

  • Evaluate the current layout
  • Inventory the amount of items that need to be move
  • Determine the required crew and trucks
  • Discuss any questions, concerns or special requests you may have


Offices are full of large, bulky, and expensive items. We hire companies that specialize in the disassembly of many different office furniture brands. This ensures that your furniture will not be damaged during the move.


On moving day, a team of our Moncton office movers will arrive at your office and begin the moving process. They will be equipped with the proper equipment to not damage your current or future office space as well as your belongings.


After all the items have been moved, the experts will begin to reassemble the furniture that they disassembled earlier. This saves you the time of putting the furniture back together and the worry associated with building the furniture wrong or damaging it.


Proper equipment is essential to ensuring your office move is done quickly, efficiently, and properly. Some of the equipment that our office movers use includes:

  • Dollies
  • Moving cartons
  • Moving pads
  • Tape
  • Carts
  • Boxes


At Geldart’s we offer the option of phase planning. This type of moving is ideal for big offices that cannot afford a period of downtime while the move is completed. Phase planning involves a coordinated set of movers divided into teams. A group of movers will begin to disassemble, pack, and move one section of the office at a time. A team will then move these items to the new office space, and a team there will assemble them. This allows for the rest of the office to be working from the old office space, while bit by bit, employees will be able to work in the new office space. Less downtime for a company means less headaches and more money saved.


If you’ve downsized your office or you don’t need all your furniture yet, Geldart’s offers industry leading storage solutions in Moncton. Our modern Moncton warehouses provide a space for you to store your items that is:

  • Monitored by security guards
  • Inventoried
  • Climate controlled
  • Clean