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Moving Tips

Moving Day

Geldart’s knows that when that big moving day finally arrives, there can be a lot of thing to remember. Here is a list of tips to keep in mind that will help ensure a smooth and efficient move in the Moncton area:

Organize your Home

Arrange to be home when the moving crew arrives or assign someone (in writing) to direct the crew.

Initial Walk-Through

Accompany the Van Operator through the house as items are tagged with an identifying number. These numbers will appear on your inventory list. Be sure to point out to the Van Operator any items that are not to be loaded.

What you’ll Need First

Advise the Van Operator of items that you require immediately upon arrival at the final destination. These items will be loaded last and unloaded first.

Inventory List

Sign and keep the cop of your inventory with your other moving-related documents to avoid confusion later on.

Review Documents

Review the Bill of Lading to ensure both the Declared Valuation and your new destination address are accurate.

Contact Numbers

Provide the Van Operator with your en-route contact numbers so that they can get ahold of you if need be.

Final Walk-Through

Accompany the Van Operator on a final tour of the house to ensure that all items have been loaded. Remember to check all closets, cupboards, and storage areas.

Mover with a box and client taking notes