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International Moving

At Geldart’s Warehouse and Cartage we take pride in providing Moncton with our international moving skills and expertise. Our Moncton based staff are trained and experienced in the specialized requirements of international moving.

International moving

Moncton's International Movers

We understand that international moving does not solely involve transporting your belongings to your new home. International Moving also involves relocating you and your family to a different country with different customs, cultures, regulations and sometimes even a different language. This can be a lot of change to handle, so we take the burden off our international moving clients shoulders. Geldart’s Moving & Storage is Moncton’s reliable international moving company.

International Moving Options

There are several different options when it comes to international moving. There is not just one way to transport your goods from Moncton to your new home.

Air Freight Shipping

Air Freight Shipping is an international shipping option that involves transporting your belongings via plane. Some of the benefits of air freight shipping are:

  • Quick and reliable departure/arrival times
  • High security level

Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean Freight Shipping is an international shipping option that involves transporting your goods via water channels. Some of the benefits of ocean freight shipping are:

  • Large ports
  • Flexibility in transportable materials
  • Long distance travel
  • Ability to transport heavy loads
  • Less costly than air freight shipping

Canada to U.S. Moving

If you’re planning on Moving from Moncton into the United States, our Moncton based expert international moving consultants will help ensure a smooth transition. Our international movers are trained and experienced in the necessary steps and documentation required for you, your family and your belongings to enter the United States. Some of the requirements include: